All About The Renegade Diet

Weight loss is something that many people are trying to obtain by using a variety of methods. The renegade diet is an effective option that can bring forth weight loss and muscle gain. It takes a look at dieting from a scientific perspective and seeks to manipulate the insulin levels and the growth hormones. People who have used the diet have attested to their success with it after only a brief amount of time. Some experimenters have said that they lost weight after only just 60 days of being on the diet.

Who Should Start the Renegade Diet?

The renegade diet is for people who are not afraid to try something different if they have not had success with dieting in the past. The diet is also perfect for people who want to target the unattractive fat that gets on the body over time, such as the love handle fat and stomach pouch. Anyone can be successful with the program if he or she is willing to commit to it for a certain length of time.

Why the Renegade Diet Trumps Other Diets

The diet called renegade provides success over other diets for many reasons. One of those reasons is that it does not deteriorate one’s energy and alertness like many of the low-carbohydrate diets out there do. It does not strip muscles like low-carbohydrate diets do either. Furthermore, it’s not too restrictive. Part of the reason that the renegade diet is named such is that it defies the normal restrictive eating process. It allows the participants to indulge in many of the foods they like and still end up with the bodies that they want to have.

Myths About Overall Weight Loss

The reason that many people are skeptic about dieting and starting new plans is that they have misconceptions about dieting before they even start one. One common misconception is that one must eat breakfast because it is essential to boosting the metabolism. The renegade diet exposes this myth. Another myth about dieting that people have is that they must eat five to six meals per day to boost the metabolism. Such a practice may work for some individuals, but it is not essential for every individual. The renegade diet website calls for less meals per day, and its participants still end up losing the weight that they want to lose. Finally, many people despise diets because they believe they have to give up their favorite food items such as pizza and ice cream. The renegade diet allows the people who participate in it to enjoy themselves and eat whatever they so desire. The truth is that eating ice cream, pizza and other fattening foods can help a person to lose weight at certain times. It’s all in the program and whether the diet adheres to it.

The name of the person who developed the renegade diet is Jason Ferrugia. Ferrugia spent many years studying his digestive system and other science related subjects before he started developing his diet. Those studies enabled him to come up with one of the most comprehensive weight loss plans that has ever been created.

How the Renegade Diet Works

Lemon juice is one of the main ingredients in the renegade diet. The dieter must drink at least one glass of lemon juice per night before bed. The diet also involves 12 to 15 hours of fasting and then having an insane amount of food after the workout. The instructions that Ferrugia gives are not confusing. They are very simple to understand and thus anyone could start the diet.

This diet has many benefits to it. First, it improved gut health. Secondly, it provides the dieter with the ability to level cortisone levels and estrogen levels. Thirdly, the diet can help people who have digestive problems. It’s a great way to put the key in the ignition on the weight-loss process.

Are You a Renegade?

Are you read to start a diet that has proven itself to build muscle and cut fat? Are you willing to try something non-traditional and maybe even a little naughty in the dieters world? Can you remember to drink a warm glass of lemon juice every night and fast for up to 15 hours? If you said yes, then you are read to try this successful diet. All you need to do is get the plan and follow it. Some people have lost weight within 60 days. Take a chance and see what this amazing option can do for your body.